Keeping it safe

The islands of Ipipiri in the eastern Bay of Islands, New Zealand, have enjoyed pest-free status since 2009. It is vital we keep mammalian pests and other species off the islands!

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You can help us do this by following some simple biosecurity steps.

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Download a biosecurity checklist Adopt a trap

Download our Biosecurity guidelines for groups (.pdf 183kb)

Rats are not fussy; they they will make their home just about anywhere. So, before you go anywhere near the pest-free islands, STOP and CHECK your gear, vessel, and food for pests. Then GO (and have fun!).


The Project Island Song partners are carrying out an extensive, on-going biosecurity programme to prevent rats and other pests from reinvading the islands.

If you are staying on the islands, you can download a biosecurity checklist which is designed specially to help campers and groups to minimise the biosecurity risks before and during your visit.

Animal Pests
An extensive network of rat and stoat traps and tracking tunnels has been created on the pest-free islands of Ipipiri. This is monitored on a regular basis by REP NZ Ltd and the Department of Conservation.

If suspicious tracks are seen on tracking cards or the beaches then a skilled team of pest catchers catch the animal as quickly as possible. More traps and tracking cards and tunnels are laid in the area. Predator dogs, trained by their handlers to locate only particular species such as stoats, rats and mice, are run across the island as part of the predator locating process. These dogs are the only ones allowed onto the islands' public conservation land.

You can help too!
Please help us keep the islands pest-free by immediately reporting any sightings of rats, mice or stoats, their tracks, or droppings to DOC - 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468).


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