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Planting volunteers needed! Urupukapuka Island

When: Sunday 28th May 2017
Where: Urupukapuka Island

Guardians of the Bay of Islands needs help to plant 1500 native plants at a new site at Urupukapuka Bay and, for the third year, and 250 at Squid Bay, which will finish planting on that site.
Fullers GreatSights has once again very generously offered free transport to Otehei Bay for 86 volunteers planters in its vessel Te Papahu.

Postponement: The event is weather dependent. If Sunday 28th is postponed it will be rescheduled to the first fine day following, given usual winter weather patterns, Monday 29th or Tuesday or 30th May are likely dates.
The walk from Otehei Bay to Urupukapuka Bay takes about 20 minutes. The planting site at Urupukapuka Bay is fairly level but Squid Bay is on steep slopes and reasonable fitness and good footwear, ideally boots, are required.

Timetable 8:30 am Check-in at Paihia wharf
9:00 am Depart Paihia
9:10 am Depart Russell (it is important to advise that you intend to embark at Russell)

Returning 3.30 approx. embark at Otehei Bay
4:00 pm arrive Russell
4:15 pm arrive Paihia

Equipment needed:
• Clean sharp spade The kikiyu, although sprayed, will be an obstacle (consider bringing a file). Spades must be clean to avoid spreading weeds and dirtying the vessel
• Plastic bag to transport spade safely and cleanly
• Lunch – please pack your lunch in sealed containers
• Plenty of water for hydration, sunblock and a hat.
• Towel
• Appropriate clothing ie. weather proof jacket, gloves and enclosed footwear (ideally boots).

Biosecurity: Project Island Song is absolutely dependent on not reintroducing predators (rats, mice, argentine ants, plague skinks) so please STOP, CHECK your gear and food for pests and GO (and have fun!)

Register: Space is limited so if you are interested it is essential to contact Rod Brown
Email is preferred – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone – 09 407 4294

Rod Brown (for Guardians of the Bay of Islands)

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