Species reintroductions

Twenty one species of birds, reptiles, invertebrates and plants have been identified for reintroduction as part of Project Island Song. Seven have been completed to date with 14 more planned.


Translocations to date:

robin-releasepateketieke-releasewhiteheadkakariki releaseduvaucel gecko releaseweta

Proposed translocations:

  • North Island brown kiwi
  • kakariki (red crowned parakeet)
  • South Island takahē
  • titipounamu (rifleman)
  • korimako (bellbird)
  • kokako
  • hihi (stitchbird)
  • pakaha (fluttering shearwater)
  • Northland diving petral
  • Northland green gecko
  • robust skink
  • tuatara
  • flax weevil
  • pupukharekeke (flax snail)
  • Northland tusked weta
  • Cook's scury grass

Photos of completed and proposed translocation species:

Download our proposed translocation species map (1.6mb .pdf)

Download our translocation feasibility and action plan  (5.6mb .pdf)

20160529 D869285 EditRussell Hook releases the first toutouwai (NI robin) onto Urupukapuka IslandLots of native species in New Zealand will not cross water, hence the need to reintroduce; this includes birds, such as kiwi, takahe, saddlebacks and tieke, reptiles such as tuatara, skink and geckos, and endangered plants, such as Cook’s scurvy grass and local species of kakabeak.

Over time, these introductions, in conjunction with the broader restoration programme, have the potential to help create a thriving native island ecosystem. We look forward to the natural regeneration of a diverse forest and numerous sea birds which, together, sustainin an abundance of invertebrates, land birds, reptiles and plants.

Species proposed for reintroduction include those once typical of the area (e.g. North Island brown kiwi, pupuharakeke/flax snail), ecologically important species (e.g. sea bird species that introduce marine nutrients into the island ecosystem), as well as threatened species (e.g. tuatara, takahē, Cook's scurvy grass).



Tags: Ecological restoration, Native wildlife, Species reintroductions, Native New Zealand

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